How does LBO loans work?

LBO loans is a peer-to-peer marketplace. We connect people seeking a loan with people able to lend through our online marketplace.

Is LBO loans regulated?

We’re currently registering as an Exempt Market Dealer in all provinces and territories in Canada. We're also registering in the USA.

Where do interest rates start at?

Our proprietary risk assessment system reviews the overall health of someone's ability to pay back a loan and calculates an interest rate. Interest rates will generally range from 3.9% to 29.5%, but investors have the ability to charge a different rate then suggested.

Am I guaranteed a loan?

Loans are based on market forces and there are no guarantees. No one wants to give money to someone who will not pay the loan money back.

What is the minimum and maximum I can borrow?

All loans are based on the vehicle or motorsport book value. The maximum you can borrow is based on your ability to pay back the loan.

What are my fees as a borrower?

LBO loans is built for the specific needs of every borrower and committed to offering the lowest cost financing possible. Standard fees are $395 for loan processing and lien registration with no hidden fees and no cost to apply.

What are my fees as an investor?

Standard fee is an annualized 1.75% servicing rate (1.75% / 12 months) calculated monthly on the outstanding balance of principal at the time of each monthly payment. The service fee is only charged when a monthly repayment is received.

As an investor when do I receive statements?

Statements are emailed monthly to all investors.

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